World Knockout: North Korea Available on Google Play!

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World Knockout - Android and iOS Game

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World Knockout: North Korea is a tour de farce of Kim Jong Un’s totalitarian regime. The object of the game is to beat back loyalist soldiers, kill Kim Jong-un and prevent North Korea from launching an all-out nuclear war!

10 intense confrontations await you! Here is a quick walk-through the first level:

  •  The game opens in The Village with a little time for you to survey the area and look at what you might be up against. Enter our villain, Kim Jong-un. He will certainly do something to provoke your anger, like grabbing food right out of Starving Village Boy’s hands and pigging out!
  • The brawl begins! As you try out different strike combinations: Jabs, left-right strikes and Haymakers just to name a few, Kim Jong-un’s henchmen come to his rescue. These guys are almost as fun to beat on as Kim Jong-un. Show no mercy!
  • Bombs away! Kim Jong Un will show no mercy as he throws his nukes your way. Block the bombs and get ready to give Dear Leader the beat down he so deserves!
  • It will be tough to take down a dictator with the largest standing army in the world (Google that!).

World Knockout Game for Anroid and iOS

Here’s where the weapons power-ups come in, devastating powers like: UN Food Delivery, Brass Knuckles, Bad-ass American Bald Eagle and more. Choose which one is most effective to aid your thrashing of KJU. Can you prevent our final doom or will the ultimate victory go to the Supreme Leader?

Kim Jong Un World Knockout's most Brutal Dictator

World Knockout: North Korea features:

  • Amazing gameplay – fight for freedom
  • Intense fighting action – freedom is never easy to defend
  • 10 challenging levels – A tour de Force of North Korea
  • 5 different weapons – choose your favorite
  • 5 different power-ups – A little help can’t hurt
  • Funny Cut scenes – Showing the infuriating dictator at his worst
  • And more…

Prepare to meet your final doom at the hands of Kim Jong Un!